Friday, November 29, 2013

ME in a kumite match (karate fight) :)

Well this is me in a karate competition a couple years ago as i am now a black belt, just saying :P Won this fight (kumite) but came 3rd over all :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fried chicken! #Development Education

On the 21st of November we went to the City West hotel for a schools across boarder project we are doing. Each school made a presentation on what they have done so far in class but since we are the best school ever we made 3 presentations! We watched a play preformed by the Quadrangles. I enjoyed it it had a lot of humor in it but also put across a message about that anyone can make a difference if you try.

We then got together in groups and went to workshop and and an activity hub! Where people learned how to make blogs and we made a graffiti wall which looked pretty awesome! The lunch was amazing! Nothing beats chicken and chips haha. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saw people get arrested!...Museums, galleries and dead bodies?..oh bog bodies!

On the 14th of November we took a trip to the W.B Yeats museum, an art gallery and the bog bodies. The day was jam packed with tours and what else. Our first stop was the Yeats museum, here we leaned all about him, his family, his poems and much more! Well decorated museum!

The next stop was the art gallery. This was my favorite part. The paintings were amazing and the stories behind each piece was interesting. My favorite painting would be 'Grief' by Jack B. Yeats.

The Bog Body museum was good, getting to see loads of body parts that were preserved in bogs! Also a tour about the iron age in Ireland.

Lunch time was interesting... Getting to go around Grafton street.
Of course once again we got Mc Donalds and starbucks! Nothing new there! Getting pictures taken with street artists and listening to the buskers. And of course seeing people get arrested, and seeing a clown on the way home?! But nothing beats Marks and Spencers cookies!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Science and Mac Donald's... great combination!

On the 11th of November the TY's took a trip to Tallaght IT for a science practical for science week. Thinking is was going to be some boring presentation about science, it was actually really good and enjoyable! He talked about various scientists and what they discovered then did an experiment which were really fun! Especially shooting a piece f potato across the room and blowing up a balloon full of hydrogen! Surprised the fire alarm didn't go off with all that smoke and fire!

After for lunch we went to Liffey Valley. Wooh Mac Donalds! Also had a roam around a few shops having a laugh :') <3 starbucks.

Once upon a time... the open day!

The annual open day was help on the 9th of November for incoming first years. It was a fantastic turn out. With all the work from 1st to 6th years on show it really showed off  how much work is put in by all students. With myself and others in charge of the sports display we answered questions from parents and kids. They seemed interested  with all the home ec, art and tech projects on show and with science experiments going on, food being made it was a great fun day overall. :)