Sunday, December 15, 2013

Have a happy Holly Days!

In aid of the ISPCC the Ty's went into town and help sell holly to raise money. We each gt split into 2 and got given a point to sell at. I was with Sara and got put at The bank of Ireland opposite Trinity College. It started of a bit weird with people giving you looks but once we got into it, it was great! After about a half an hour we finally start getting money! But then it got a bit cold, ok very cold!

We raised a lot of money, so our hard work did pay of! Ah nothing beats a bit of Mc Donalds after as usual!

So i got followed by a robot?!

Another trip took us to Punchestown fr a road safety show. It was packed with other schools and cars,guards,firemen,ambulances and many more! Of course we had t get loads of free stuff to begin with! :3 Also getting pictures with everyone and everything! We went around looking at all the stuff on show getting interested!

The NYPD were there with a Tango-bot. Which was a 'robot' built bu NASA! Knowing my luck it start following me! Pfffftt i was not scared!

The last part of the day was a talk and videos warning us to be careful on the roads, what and what not do and just over all be safe!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

So maths can be fun.. hmmm

On the 4th of December we had a project maths trip to Rathbeggan lakes. Thinking that is was going to be some boring day about maths turned out to be the complete opposite! When we got there you could say it was a bit cold! But we got on with it, we were split into groups on 3 and 4 and each group was given a challenge to do around the lake. Even with ducks running around after us! My group got 6 challenges done which was really good! :) But the winners won free family day passes! Really enjoyable day!

For lunch we stopped of at Blachardstowns shopping center for a couple of hours to get food! And also have a look around which is always fun. :)

Friday, November 29, 2013

ME in a kumite match (karate fight) :)

Well this is me in a karate competition a couple years ago as i am now a black belt, just saying :P Won this fight (kumite) but came 3rd over all :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fried chicken! #Development Education

On the 21st of November we went to the City West hotel for a schools across boarder project we are doing. Each school made a presentation on what they have done so far in class but since we are the best school ever we made 3 presentations! We watched a play preformed by the Quadrangles. I enjoyed it it had a lot of humor in it but also put across a message about that anyone can make a difference if you try.

We then got together in groups and went to workshop and and an activity hub! Where people learned how to make blogs and we made a graffiti wall which looked pretty awesome! The lunch was amazing! Nothing beats chicken and chips haha. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saw people get arrested!...Museums, galleries and dead bodies?..oh bog bodies!

On the 14th of November we took a trip to the W.B Yeats museum, an art gallery and the bog bodies. The day was jam packed with tours and what else. Our first stop was the Yeats museum, here we leaned all about him, his family, his poems and much more! Well decorated museum!

The next stop was the art gallery. This was my favorite part. The paintings were amazing and the stories behind each piece was interesting. My favorite painting would be 'Grief' by Jack B. Yeats.

The Bog Body museum was good, getting to see loads of body parts that were preserved in bogs! Also a tour about the iron age in Ireland.

Lunch time was interesting... Getting to go around Grafton street.
Of course once again we got Mc Donalds and starbucks! Nothing new there! Getting pictures taken with street artists and listening to the buskers. And of course seeing people get arrested, and seeing a clown on the way home?! But nothing beats Marks and Spencers cookies!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Science and Mac Donald's... great combination!

On the 11th of November the TY's took a trip to Tallaght IT for a science practical for science week. Thinking is was going to be some boring presentation about science, it was actually really good and enjoyable! He talked about various scientists and what they discovered then did an experiment which were really fun! Especially shooting a piece f potato across the room and blowing up a balloon full of hydrogen! Surprised the fire alarm didn't go off with all that smoke and fire!

After for lunch we went to Liffey Valley. Wooh Mac Donalds! Also had a roam around a few shops having a laugh :') <3 starbucks.

Once upon a time... the open day!

The annual open day was help on the 9th of November for incoming first years. It was a fantastic turn out. With all the work from 1st to 6th years on show it really showed off  how much work is put in by all students. With myself and others in charge of the sports display we answered questions from parents and kids. They seemed interested  with all the home ec, art and tech projects on show and with science experiments going on, food being made it was a great fun day overall. :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghosts and ghouls roaming the grounds among us o.0

On the 25th of October the horrors of Halloween were in the grounds of St Wolstans! It was the annual dress up where each year gets a theme and the best from each class gets picked to go forward for the parade and battle it out for the 1st place prize. There were a lot of crazy yet scary faces walking around they sure would give you a fright!

    1st years- witches
    2nd years- zombies
    3rd years- vampires and werewolves
    TY- Villains 
    5th years- Circus
    6th years- Harry potter

A lot of effort was put in from all years which makes it such a great day and a load of fun! Parade is always great to watch always full of surprises! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Madness... Madness everywhere!!!

Well on Friday was the Fun Walk. Its one of the major events in the school. Each year is given a color and each base class has o think of a song and put a dance to it to preform on front of the school and judges.

                                      1st year- Pink
                                      2nd year- Purple
                                      3rd year- Green
                                      TY- Yellow
                                      5th year- blue
                                      6th year- Black and White

My class dressed up as minions from Despicable me! And ms Mc M dressed up as Gru. It was a great laugh! The song we chose was Wanna be by the Spice girls. It went better than i expected. :) All the years seemed to have a great day a lot  of effort was put in by all years and lucky us there was no rain! Some of the teachers seemed to enjoy it more with their dancing! Overall fantastic day. :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

NEVER forgetting to wear a seat belt anyways :O

On Tuesday the 8th we had a very interesting talk about road safety. Oh wow did it scare me.. It made me and others think twice about being cautious around and in cars. We watched a few videos they made me more aware of  what effect a crash or accident can have on someone. The littlest thing like sending a quick text can harm or kill you. We learned about how small things can save a life. I dont think i want a car anytime soon... Anyways i learned a lot and glad we had the talk. :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

All ready for... hot chocolate :3 i mean the Pearse Museum!..

On the 3rd of October we took a trip to the Pearse museum as part of an Irish trip. We learned all about Patrick Pearse and how he tried to keep the Irish language alive! We were taken on a guided tour around the big old house. It was amazing to find out how much he went through to educate kids and teens.

We were also taken on a nature tour around the grounds of the house. It was an amazing view! Also a day full of laughs and many.many selfies! The hot chocolate was my outline of the day oh gawd it was tasty! :3

We then watched a short film about the life of Patrick Pearse. It was a great insight into his life. Towards the end of the day the teachers decided to make some videos. It was a great laugh! Glad i took part, looking forward to seeing how the videos turn out...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wacky Wednesdays O.o

On the 25th it was our last day of work shops before we start work experience. We had a great time with positive parties learning about how to act in our work placement also having a laugh! Within that time we did building rapport which is how you communicate with people older than you and fit in with them. It was a good chance to learn how to get out of your comfort zone. At the end Denise held a raffle where i won! wooh!

positive parties!

positive parties!

Our next workshop was Walk tall in life where we learned about our self and how we take care of out looks and all. We got hairnets to wear was pretty funny! It was all about how to represent ourselves in a work place and in life. Our last workshop of the day was with guidance counselors. We went through where we would be going, how we were able to get the placement and what we will be doing. Now looking forward to the actually work experience. :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Craic in Carlingford!

On the 16th and 17th of September we took a trip to Carlingford adventure center. All the Ty's were buzzing for it! Well it took a while to get there but well worth the long journey. :) It was unbelievably cold and wet!
sweet shop! 

 Our first activity was a bunch of challenge courses which included a lot of team work and involvement from all the team members. It was great fun. Our second activity was laser tag. My favorite! Basically we had two teams blue and red trying to knock the other team out by killing them all :) The walk was so long and up a mountain! The last activity of the day was at night called night line. 2 teams had to find there way around a part of the forest blindfolded holding onto a rope and the girl on front of you's shoulder. Was really scary not knowing what was going to be near or anything! Everyone enjoyed it and worked together to make our way around :)

laser tag!

laser tag!

Spending the night will all your mates and a load of sweets was the best! Especially bonding with others you rarely talked to. The second day of activities was probably my unluckiest day. In the morning we went kayaking was great up to the point where i had an asthma attack in the when i was in the water! Luckily i was fine got out and back but wasn't able for the afternoon activity. :(



All the staff and instructors were so friendly and helpful. Lovely people. :) Would love to go back any time! Amazing place!

the view!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The haunting in Castletown...

For a history trip we went to Castletown House. Everyone dreading the walk in the wet and cold rain but we eventually got a bus. :) We were soon off  in our groups and on with the tour. It was a great insight into the background of the house, land, who owned it and many facts. Its much more bigger than expected also beautiful interior. Even people back then had good taste! 

The most interesting fact for me was the story of the devil in the house. It is said that when the devil was present the bible that was thrown cracked the mirror and remains cracked to this day. As he vanished into a flame of smoke.....

                   It was a great day getting some useful information and also having a fun day out. :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

The moment of truth...

On the 11th of September the junior cert results were given out. Waited so long for this, excited but so scared! But then i didn't want them. The envelop was so big and terrifying! Finally opened it at the same time with everyone. Of course knowing me i pull out the wrong sheet! Then seeing the results i was so relieved i actually did better than i expected! :) Looking forward to getting money and presents from relatives was one of the best parts! Overall the results were really good, all students should be proud of it. Glad to see that all my friends were happy with their results and enjoying a good night!

Friday, September 6, 2013

It begins!

Coming up to the first week of TY  was nerve wrecking to see what teachers i would have and what new subjects i would be trying out. I wasn't expecting homework on the first day but of course we got it. Getting subjects like tech and home ec was different but looking forward to taking part in them. One of the best parts would be being in a class with your best mates knowing that the year ahead can be enjoyable. TY being the first year in a kilt makes you realise how many years past as a junior. Finding work experience was hard but was able to find it. Looking forward to be learning about life in a work place and how it differs from my everyday life. Getting new class names like Tereshkova meaning the first woman on space was pretty cool.
       Going to carlingford adventure center should be good. Being able to work as a TY team and bond and get to know people that you rarely talk to. Should be great criac!
                                                                                               Our first Wednesday was a full day of three workshops. The first was positive parties then live life without limits then we relaxed and got massages, was quite funny! Positive parties was the best one for me because it was a laugh! Weirdest yet funniest was when we had to find as many ways how not to wear pants! Also getting up and singing mama mia with two crazy friends on front of the whole class!